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Outlife - Residential Outdoor Adventure Summer Camps for Kids 2024

About Outlife

Outlife is a leading provider of  outdoor, adventure and experiential education camps for kids in India. Outlife facilitates camps in the Great Outdoors that use elements of Adventure and Nature for children aged 8-15 years and has a decade of expertise and 100% safety record in instilling, courage and confidence in children through safe outdoor and experiential education practices. 

Outlife Outdoor and Experiential Education Camps are specifically designed and tailored for the participants learning and developmental needs. Programs are designed on the principles of experiential, outdoor and adventure education to facilitate the overall development of knowledge, character, personality and life skills.

We offer programs to schools, colleges, and universities from 8 years onwards to young adults aged 15 years. The programs are designed to introduce the young students to real world through outdoor education experiential learning, leading to a meaningful experiences, reflection, self-discovery and character development.

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Our educational camping trips are a combination of travel, adventure, nature, service, learning. They include a variety of outdoor educational activities such as easy trekking, kayaking, rock climbing, cycling, wildlife safaris,  outdoor skills, nature education and community service. 

We also have expertise in delivering school curriculum and subjects through experiential education pedagogy. We design and deliver programs for IB and Cambridge Schools that  takes care of the CAS (Creativity,  Action, Service) Programme Requirements.

We design and deliver Outdoor, Adventure and Travel Expeditions and Field Trips based on the requirements of various national and international programs for Youth Development.

Our Camp locations are on the outskirts of Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkta.

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Camp Team

Our outdoor instructors possess strong technical skills, creativity, along with high ethical and safety standards. Their training covers adventure, outdoor and experiential education,  facilitation and debriefing techniques that help them relate real time activities to real life and inspire transformation of children.

Our instructors are an important part of all our outdoor programs. They undergo a rigorous selection process and specific training in outdoors, adventure and working empathetically with children. They are good at dealing with not just physical safety but also a child’s emotional and psychological safety. They are trained for gender and cultural sensitivity and know how to care for children and young adults.

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