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Outlife - Residential Outdoor Adventure Summer Camps for Kids 2024

Safety is Paramont at Our camp

Stay: – Clean Camping tents with Hygiene, Toilets, Bath Facilities and  and separate tents for boys and girls. We have sentry Duties all 24 hours in the campsite. 

Expertise: Outlife staff  has been conducting outdoor education for a decade and employs the most competent educators and instructors in India. Our outdoor instructors possess strong technical skills, creativity, along with high ethical and safety standards. Their training covers adventure, outdoor and experiential education,  facilitation and debriefing techniques that help them relate real time activities to real life and inspire transformation of children.

Our instructors are an important part of all our outdoor programs. They undergo a rigorous selection process and specific training in outdoors, adventure and working empathetically with children. They are good at dealing with not just physical safety but also a child’s emotional and psychological safety. They are trained for gender and cultural sensitivity and know how to care for children and young adults.

Safety is given utmost priority on all our adventure events and we are proud of our safety standards. We achieve consistent safety with following standard processes and employing highly trained staff. Our focus on safety is not just  physical but intellectual, emotional an social as well that creates a safe, engaging and enjoyable environment for the kids. 

Our strict safety code of conduct, the state-of-the-art equipment and our qualified instructors ensure and maintain our 100% safety record over 10 years.

 All of our outdoor team are regularly trained and supervised.   To keep the experience rich as well as safe we maintain an outdoor specialist to student ratio of 1:5 for Adventure Activities and 1:10 for group activities. Our  instructors go through a rigorous selection process and undergo hours of training on working safely with children. 

Equipment: We have state-of-the-art equipment including UIAA certified climbing equipment, helmets and life jackets.  

Sustainability: Our events lay tremendous emphasis on sustainability and encourage the students to be sensitive to environment, people and places they visit. 

Food: we give top priority to hygiene while preparing the delicious food served in camp. It is generally a combination of Indian and Continental Veg food.  Fresh Fruits and vegetables are obtained locally. We provide mineral water in the tents. 

Female Instructor: We have a female instructor on all our camps to provide care and support to the girl child. 

Camp First Aid Res-ponderOur Staff is certified in First Aid and CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).We ensure presence of a camp First Aid Responder with equipped First Aid and Medicines at the camp.

Standby Emergency Vehicle:  We maintain a standby vehicle with driver  to handle any emergencies of any kind.  

Doctor on Call: We have a standby doctor on call from the close by Hospitals and a emergency vehicle on camp to take care of any medical needs. 

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