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About The Camp

The Outdoor Summer Camp gives children the opportunity to connect with the natural world and learn all the outdoor skills(Experiential Way) they have been missing all these years. 

kids & Teens aged 09 to 15 years both Boys & Girls who are adventure enthusiast, loves to connect with nature, looking to develop new skills, make new friends, have fun & adventure for this summer holidays can attend this camp.

Outdoors, Adventure and camping Experiences comprise of challenging experiences, both physical and emotional, which lead to new awareness, sensitivity and understanding in the students. In an outdoor camp, learners set out to explore the unknown as a team and in the process rediscover and re-connect with self and the world around developing Intrapersonal, interpersonal, ekistic and ecosystemic relationships.

The important aspect of the outdoor camp is the element of curiosity and creative anxiety at every step. Therefore, it helps the learner experience and understand how he/she navigates the unknown challenge and further develops his/her capacity to become self reliant, independent, confident and caring.

Develop Self Reliance, independence, Courage, Spirit of Adventure in the participants.

For Children: A fun and memorable adventurous days to remember and Learn, Unlearn, Relearn behavioral values which can reflect on real life challenges. 

As this camp encourages to step out of Comfort Zone, Campsite would be close to nature here you’re not expected to have rich & luxury or 5 star service at camp. But we assure that every participant will have a comfortable experience on camp day routine. 

Camping Days

Reporting time is 09:00 am, You’ll drop your children and submit Camp Disclaimer Form to the camp in-charge on day 01 and leave. Summer Camp activities starts by 10:00 am.

Typical day starts @ 05:30 am – wake up and fresh up followed by High energy camp activities in the first half of the day and given ample of time in between for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, also Snakes(Fruits & Fresh Juices) served twice in a day. Participants are advised to relax after each power activities. Post dinner few cultural activities conducted and participants go for sleep by 09:00 pm.   

Day starts @ 05:30 am  as usual for the participants
They will get ready and work on Camp Assessments
Parents/Guardians comes to campsite to pick-up by 11:00am
Participants share their camping experience with everyone.
Participants are rewarded with participation certificate.
Camp Ends by 01:00pm
Participants carry wonderful memories to cherish and reflect learnings on their day to day life experiences.

Upcoming Programs

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Adventure Summer Camp 2022

Outdoor & Adventure Summer Camp 2022 for kids and teens aged 09 to 15 years in Panchgani, Maharashtra, India


Adventure Summer Camp 2022

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Adventure Summer Camp 2022

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