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Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about the outdoor, adventure and nature summer camps for kids:

What is called summer camp?
A summer camp is a supervised program for children and teenagers during the summer months when they are not in school. It is typically a residential program where kids stay for some time and engage in various activities.

What is a summer camp for kids?
Summer camp for kids is designed to provide a fun and educational experience that helps them develop new skills, build self-confidence, and make new friends. The activities offered can vary depending on the type of camp but may include sports, arts and crafts, music, drama, outdoor activities, and more.

Its Hot in summer, how do you take care of childrens safety from Heat?
Our camp activities starts early in the morning from 6 am to 10 am. from 11 am kids will be indoors in a makeshift cool area with water desert collers. They stay indoors till about 4 / 5 pm and resume activities in the evening. Kids wear hat when outside and use umbreallas. they are routinely asked to drink water. cooling fruits like water melon, musk melon and juices like lemon water, butter milk is given to them frequently to beat the heat. 

What is the best age to go to summer camp? The best age to go to summer camp depends on the child’s needs and interests. Some camps cater to specific age groups, while others are more general. Children between the ages of 8 and 15 benefit the most from summer camp experiences.

What is an adventure camp?
An adventure camp is a type of summer camp that focuses on outdoor activities and adventure sports such as hiking, camping, rock climbing, kayaking, and more.

What can kids do at the outlife adventure camp?
Kids can participate in zip lining, rock climbing, hiking, and camping at an adventure camp. These activities challenge them physically and mentally while fostering teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

What is an outdoor camp?
An outdoor camp is similar to an adventure camp. Still, it may offer a broader range of activities that take place outside, such as nature walks, gardening, fishing, and team building games.

What is a nature camp?
A nature camp is an outdoor camp that teaches kids about nature, wildlife, and environmental conservation through hiking, bird watching, nature photography, and more.

What can kids do at a nature camp?
At a nature camp, kids can learn about nature and the environment through nature walks, bird watching, animal tracking, photography, and more. These activities help foster an appreciation for nature and encourage kids to become good stewards of the environment.

Why is adventure camp important?
Adventure camp is important because it helps kids develop important life skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, teamwork, and leadership. It also provides a safe and supportive environment where kids can challenge themselves and take risks in a controlled setting.

What activities are there in outdoor summer camp?
Some activities offered at an outdoor summer camp may include, hiking, trekking, knots and lashings, map reading and navigation and more. These activities are designed to help kids develop physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork skills.

What activities are there in Adventure summer camp?
Adventure summer camp activities include zip lining, rock climbing, rappelling and more. These activities are designed to physically and mentally challenge kids while fostering teamwork, communication, and leadership skills.

What age group is suitable for adventure and nature camps? 
Most adventure and nature summer camps are designed for kids between 8 and 15 years

What activities can kids expect at an adventure and nature camp? 
Adventure and nature camps typically offer a range of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rock climbing and team-building games. They may also provide educational programs on wilderness survival, wildlife, and environmental conservation.

Will my child be safe at an adventure and nature camp? 
Safety is always a top priority at our adventure and nature camps. Camp staff are trained in first aid and CPR, and many camps have strict safety protocols for all activities. Before enrolling your child in a camp, ask about the camp’s safety procedures.

What should my child pack for an adventure and nature camp? 
Depending on the specific camp and activities, your child may need to bring hiking boots, a sleeping bag, a backpack, a water bottle, sunscreen, insect repellent, and appropriate clothing for the weather. Be sure to check with the camp for a packing list.

What are the benefits of sending my child to an adventure and nature camp? 
Adventure and nature summer camps offer kids a chance to disconnect from technology and spend time in nature, which can have many physical and mental health benefits. They also provide opportunities to develop new skills, build self-confidence, make new friends, and foster a love and appreciation for the natural world.

Can my child attend an adventure and nature camp without prior outdoor experience?
Our adventure and nature summer camps are designed for kids with some outdoor experience. Camp staff are typically trained to teach and guide new kids through activities in a safe and supportive environment.

What if my child has a food allergy or dietary restriction?
With advance notice, we can accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions. Be sure to communicate any special dietary needs with the camp staff before your child arrives.

What is the typical length of an adventure and nature camp? 
Adventure and nature camps are residential in nature, typically 5 to 9 days in duration. 

What are outdoor summer camps for kids? 
Outdoor summer camps are programs where children can spend a week or more in a natural setting, participating in activities such as hiking, rock climbing, camping, and arts and crafts.

What are the benefits of outdoor summer camps for kids? 
Outdoor summer camps can allow children to develop new skills, make friends, gain independence, build confidence, and learn about nature.

What kind of activities are typically offered at outdoor summer camps? 
Activities at outdoor summer camps can vary, including hiking, rock climbing, archery, arts and crafts, campfire songs, and team-building games.

What kind of accommodations is available at outdoor summer camps?
Accommodations at outdoor summer camps are usually in tents. 

What should my child bring to an outdoor summer camp? 
It is recommended that children bring a sleeping bag, pillow, appropriate clothing for the weather, insect repellent, sunscreen, a hat, and sturdy shoes or hiking boots. Please check the instructions and guidelines for a complete list of things to bring. 

What is the day’s routine at Outlife camp?
The day is designed to balance adventure, creativity and group activities. The day starts at 5:30 am with freshening up and a PT / Yoga session. The first major activity will be an outdoor adventure session until 11 am. Children are back on campus by noon and enjoy free time to bathe and relax. Post that, we have evening creative activities. Children get to explore new outdoor interests and skills like map reading, knots and lashings, wilderness survival etc. Then we have a games session in the evening where children play sports and participate in cultural activities. Children are generally off to bed by 9:30 pm to wake up fresh for the next day!

What are the types of accommodation at camp?
The accommodation varies as per the location. We will have either fixed tents or camping tents on our campuses. The fixed tents can easily accommodate 6 -8  kids. The accommodation is basic but comfortable. We have a Western-style WC commode, 24-hour running water etc. We have hot water during the morning and evening. 

What are the food arrangements at camp?
We have a very detailed healthy food menu for children on campus. We plan for about 6 meals on campus, starting with hot bournvita and cookies around morning wake-up time and ending with dinner. This includes 3 quick meals and 3 full meals. There is a lot of variety to ensure that even the pickiest of children also have something that they enjoy. Food in our camps is primarily vegetarian, less spicy and less oily and has consistently been rated as excellent and fabulous by more than 95% of participants year after year.

What kind of drinking water is available at camp. 
We ensure that we have adequate drinking water on all our campuses. There is an adequate supply of mineral water bottles with dispensers. Some camps have clean RO (Reverse Osmosis) filtered drinking water at multiple water points across the campus. Children are encouraged to have at least 2 litres of water throughout the day to ensure sufficient hydration.

How safe are Outlife camps?
Outlife Camps happen at locations which have been checked for safety, keeping wildlife, local flora & fauna, topology and geography in mind. The campus boundaries and common areas are clearly marked and are well-lit at night. Whenever children go out of the campus for any adventure activity, they are always with our instructors and under adult supervision.

Are there any wildlife around the campsite?
Our programs happen away from the hustle and bustle of cities and urban spaces. These are intentionally in the wilderness to connect with nature and the great outdoors. Birds, Insects and moths are more commonly found on our campuses than bigger wildlife. The physical boundaries are also fenced to keep wildlife out, if any.

What are the safety precautions in the camps?
The instructors on camp programs are Outdoor Leadership and Wilderness First Aid certified with a minimum of 10 years of experience. They are trained and certified to handle different emergencies on outdoor trails. The camping spots are scouted to ensure they are suitable for camping night out. The base camp also has the details of the trekking route and nearest road head to assist if needed.

What are the provisions in case of a medical emergency?
Our instructors are trained to handle emergencies in the wilderness. There is a doctor on call and a detailed inventory of first aid campuses. An emergency vehicle is stationed on the campus at all times. We have the details of the closest medical facilities in case a need arises.

How many instructors will be there on campus?
We keep a ratio of 1:5 adult to child participants. There are enough adult instructors to ensure the program is safe and fun.

What are your safety checks for the instructors?
Our instructors are an important part of all our outdoor programs. They undergo a rigorous selection process and specific training in outdoors, adventure and working empathetically with children. They are good at dealing with not just physical safety but also a child’s emotional and psychological safety. They are trained for gender and cultural sensitivity and know how to care for children and young adults. 

What kind of trainings do instructors at outlife undergo?
Our outdoor instructors possess strong outdoor technical skills, creativity, along with high ethical and safety standards. Their training covers adventure, outdoor and experiential education, outdoor facilitation and debriefing techniques that help them relate experiences to real life and inspire transformation in children.

Is the camping area safe at night when everyone is asleep?
The campus perimeters are well-lit at night and secured against stray wildlife. Our instructors are generally up until much after the participants sleep. We keep sentry duties on all nights. In case children want to use the washroom at night, they always take the support of an instructor or follow the buddy system.

How do you ensure girl participants’ safety?
We have 40% female participants in our camps. Girls and boys have separate camping and washroom areas. Multiple trained lady instructors in all our programs are sensitive to a child’s needs.

Can my child stay with friends in the tent?
The best part of a camping program is the diversity. We have children from many cities and schools within the program’s age range. It’s a unique opportunity to interact and make new friends. Keep an open mind when you come on the program, as assigning living spaces is random. In some instances, we may have two friends staying along with a new bunch of tent mates. The joy of making new friends is unparalleled.

What if my child feels homesick and wants to come back?
For younger children, it is common to feel homesick when they are away from home. Our instructors are good at helping children overcome homesickness. New faces become familiar, and children start making new friends. Children start getting engaged in the camp activities fully from day 2 onwards. 

How can I contact my child on campus?
We have a No Electronic Gadgets Policy on our programs. The children are away from mobile phones and gadgets. You will be getting daily updates on your Whatsapp. There will be two daily updates, one in the morning and one in the evening. Photos of the program will be uploaded on a shared photo album link as and when our instructors have the internet and free time. Please note there is low network connectivity to upload photographs in the wilderness, so not all photos may be uploaded on the same day.

What is the cancellation policy

Our cancellation charges are:

Upto 20 days before camp date: 10% deducted of total fee
15 days before camp date: 25% deducted of total fee
10 days before camp date: 50% deducted of total fee
5 days before camp date: 75% deducted of total fee
2 days before or no show: 100% deducted of total fee

If outlife cancels the camp for whatever reason we will issue a 100% refund less any bank/payment transaction charges as applicable.

About The Camp

The Outdoor Summer Camp gives children the opportunity to connect with the natural world and learn all the outdoor skills(Experiential Way) they have been missing all these years. 

kids & Teens aged 09 to 15 years both Boys & Girls who are adventure enthusiast, loves to connect with nature, looking to develop new skills, make new friends, have fun & adventure for this summer holidays can attend this camp.

Outdoors, Adventure and camping Experiences comprise of challenging experiences, both physical and emotional, which lead to new awareness, sensitivity and understanding in the students. In an outdoor camp, learners set out to explore the unknown as a team and in the process rediscover and re-connect with self and the world around developing Intrapersonal, interpersonal, ekistic and ecosystemic relationships.

The important aspect of the outdoor camp is the element of curiosity and creative anxiety at every step. Therefore, it helps the learner experience and understand how he/she navigates the unknown challenge and further develops his/her capacity to become self reliant, independent, confident and caring.

Develop Self Reliance, independence, Courage, Spirit of Adventure in the participants.

For Children: A fun and memorable adventurous days to remember and Learn, Unlearn, Relearn behavioral values which can reflect on real life challenges. 

As this camp encourages to step out of Comfort Zone, Campsite would be close to nature here you’re not expected to have rich & luxury or 5 star service at camp. But we assure that every participant will have a comfortable experience on camp day routine. 

Camping Days

Reporting time is 11:00 am, You’ll drop your children and submit Camp Disclaimer Form to the camp in-charge on day 01 and leave. Summer Camp activities starts by 12:00 pm.

Typical day starts @ 05:30 am – wake up and fresh up followed by High energy camp activities in the first half of the day and given ample of time in between for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner, also Snakes(Fruits & Fresh Juices) served twice in a day. Participants are advised to relax after each power activities. Post dinner few cultural activities conducted and participants go for sleep by 09:00 pm.   

Day starts @ 05:30 am  as usual for the participants
They will get ready and work on Camp Assessments
Parents/Guardians comes to campsite to pick-up by 11:00am
Participants share their camping experience with everyone.
Participants are rewarded with participation certificate.
Camp Ends by 12:00pm
Participants carry wonderful memories to cherish and reflect learnings on their day to day life experiences.

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